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Mobilization Appears Beneficial Following Ankle Fracture Surgery

Ankle fractures are one of the most common orthopedic injuries, especially among young males and older females. About 50% of ankle fractures require surgery to reposition the bones for healing. Traditionally, casts are used to prevent the ankle from moving and protect it while it heals. The lack of movement can lead to ankle pain, […]

Don’t Shrug Off Shoulder Replacement Surgery!

Are you one of the 16 million Americans with shoulder pain and function loss because of arthritis? Are you thinking about total shoulder replacement surgery, but fear it’s too costly or risky? A new study from Johns Hopkins University shows that not only is total shoulder replacement surgery (arthroplasty) less expensive, but it is also […]

Back Injuries Common in Young Athletes

Lower back injuries don’t just happen to the overweight and middle-aged. They’re the third most common type of injury suffered by young athletes, more common than even concussions, according to a new study. And over a third of them are serious enough to cause long-term problems. Overtraining appears to be the single biggest culprit behind […]